5 Tips for Social Media Branding

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Social media is a great way to build word-of-mouth for your company. Dozens of companies create Facebook business pages and Twitter accounts every day to help promote their businesses.  But just having a Facebook page or a Twitter account isn’t enough, and if you aren’t branding your social media accounts properly then having those accounts won’t help you.  Here are some tips for social media branding.

Tip #1- Think About Your Brand

Before you even start branding your social media accounts you need to think about your brand. What does your brand stand for? What kind of feelings do you want to evoke with your brand?  Having a brand name isn’t enough if you use the spaghetti method (throwing things against the wall and seeing what sticks) for advertising. Your company should have a clear, concise idea of what they want your brand to stand for. Pick three words that your brand should be and stick to them. These three words should be the core of how you decide social media posts. Ask yourself “does this post/tweet/image reflect my company brand?

Tip #2- Think About Your Clients

Once you have determined what you want your brand to stand for, then decide what the clients would want to know and what they would relate to. Millennials respond really well to memes and parodies but you wouldn’t want to use those if you lived in an area with mostly retirees.  Who a company’s potential client base is will be very important for content marketing. Blogging is a great way to build brand awareness but home owners in Seattle are going to be very different than home owners in Miami. You’ll want to tailor your content to fit your clients, but obviously still want to stay within your brand image.

Tip #3- Pick the Social Media Platforms that Work for You

Once you know what your brand is about and what the client needs, then you need to go where you clients are. Many companies think they need to be on every social media platform, but they don’t. A company that makes prom dresses is going to do great on Pinterest, whereas a chiropractic office is going to do better on Facebook. Make sure to pick the 2-4 social media platforms that are going to work for your business. There is no point in putting energy into a Tumblr account if your target audience isn’t there.

Tip #4 – Be Consistent But Not Repetitive

Once you have determined what you want your brand to stand for and what your clients need, then you want to start branding your Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. You want the themes to stay consistent across all platforms in terms of color schemes and taglines. Think of Tiffany’s with their iconic blue box or Coca-Cola with their red and white logo.

Even though you want to have consistency with your color scheme, tagline and branding, you don’t want to just post the same things to all your accounts. While its likely different people will like/follow your brand on different mediums, you don’t want someone who is following your brand on several platforms to be inundated with the same content over and over. There is no reason to follow a company on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest if you are just posting the same content to all three platforms.

Skittles is one of my favorite examples because they manage to keep consistency across all their brand channels without being repetitive in what they show.Skittles- social media branding

Disney is another great example of being consistent in theme but not repetitive in content. Their Facebook Page, Twitter Account and Instagram page all have different cover photos and all three feature entirely different content. Thus giving their fans reason to follow all three accounts.Disney- social media branding

Tip #5- Patience is a Virtue

When it comes to branding your business on social media, patience is a virtue. So many companies expect an immediate influx in brand awareness or sales the minute they create a social media account, but social media doesn’t work like that. Social media marketing is never going to be a quick fix to save your business or make it take-off. So don’t get discourage if after the first 3 weeks you only have 30 likes/followers; you have to build a loyal base and following built around your brand image before you see an increase in sales or awareness.  If you stick with it, it will pay off.


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